There will be no proceedings in the standard sense. The participants are invited to submit full-length research or review papers to the topical issue "Finite dimensional integrable systems, dynamics, and Lie theoretic methods in Geometry and Mathematical Physics" of the Central European Journal of Mathematics. The submission is open for everybody. The topic is close to the topics of our conference and the one in Vienna from 11th to 22th July 2011. Two of the editors are participants of our conference and two are organizers of the Vienna conference.


The deadline for submission is October 31, 2011. The papers could be submitted via (use the special track established for this topical issue), or directly to any of our guest editors Andreas Cap (andreas.cap'at', Karin Melnick (karin'at', Galliano Valent (valant-graziani.galliano-micheline'at', or to Vladimir Matveev (vladimir.s.matveev'at'